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Is Virtual or Augmented Reality the tool you need to conquer your market?

Wrap your product in a virtual reality world for more effective communications.

If you routinely make flat 2D sales presentations and provide pitch decks for investment, designed with that age old attitude of "making what once looked great in print -- look good on a computer monitor", then perhaps it is time to try something new.

It's all right here at Clarendon Crescent Design.
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Check out the status of a few of our in-house projects currently in progress


About the Electricity Substation Scenario Planner In progress now

About the Solar Energy Repair and Installation Facility In progress now

Operating Room Prep Try the early phase walk through

Civilian Airport Runway Safety Coming in July

Military Airbase Repair Situational Simulator Coming in July

Miss Pomper's Video Studio Lighting Exam Coming in August

Jet Engine Test Lab In August

Use your W A S D keys on your keyboard to walk around.

Market your Industrial Design work

Clarendon Crescent Design offers exciting new methods for delivering realistic virtual models of your computer aided designs. Marketers and sellers know nothing is better than a face to face presentation. When face to face isn't possible let Clarendon Crescent make your product a playable virtual object for maximum impact.

We provide any format at the highest quality, suitable for video, web based animations, games and mobile apps.

Apply the popular principles of "gamification" to industrial design. Let us create an immersive virtual experience for your prospective customers. Clarendon Crescent Design handles quick and effective translation and the deployment of virtual environments based on your real world needs.


Clarendon Crescent Design develops for participants of any market with a focused emphasis on the following.